MacAusland Woollen Mills

Here at Maude + Montgomery, our love and appreciation for all things East Coast comes through in not only the products we invest in, but also the stories and people behind them that we feel make our story unique.

The air has changed to crisp evenings and we feel there is nothing more comforting and ideal than the gift of a beautiful MacAusland wool blanket. Throughout time, the gift of a hand-woven blanket has been associated with feelings of warmth, respect and kindness from those giving the blanket towards those receiving it.

This beautiful work of art will satisfy just about any occasion. From newlyweds, to a newborn baby, the soft, handmade material of these blankets is sure to be a gift that will be cherished. A truly thoughtful gift that will be treasured and kept in their homes for years to come.

MacAusland Woollen Mills are the makers of some of the finest wool blankets and yarn in existence today. It is a name that is synonymous with Prince Edward Island and its rich history of craftsmanship that has been a trademark of the island for so long.

MacAusland’s Mill was founded on Prince Edward Island in 1870 by Archibald MacAusland and five generations later, the mill is run by Archibald’s great-great-great grandson, still using old fashioned machinery to produce a top quality product woven with traditional charm. In fact, it’s the only mill in Atlantic Canada producing quality, 100% pure virgin wool blankets.

The making of the MacAusland blanket is an intricate and skilled craft that begins with only the finest raw virgin wool from throughout the Atlantic region. Because the MacAuslands accept only the best wool, and weave it with the utmost care using traditional methods, their beautiful blankets are much lighter, softer and cuddlier than most wool blankets -- but last a lifetime. Case in point: recently, a customer returned with a woollen blanket purchased before the Second World War to have the edges re-hemmed.

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Heather Doyle