Pantry Box

Maude + Montgomery Gifting Notes: A lovely housewarming or hostess gift, we thoughtfully curated this gift box for friends and family who enjoy entertaining, or simply having a spot of tea in style.

Wild Newfoundland Blueberry Jam by The Dark Tickle Company 
Traditional blueberry spread made from the sweet wild blueberries of Newfoundland. 10.3 oz

Hand-Woven Tea Towel by A White Nest 
These gorgeous tea towels are made with 100% cotton.Crafted on a shuttle loom they offer a sense of tradition and modern design combined. 28" x 19"

Cheese Board & Spreader by Brent Rourke
A lovely gift idea for the host. This cheese board and spreader will last a lifetime with proper care. Great size for out on the patio or toting down for a picnic on the sand.

Dried Sea Bouquet by Maude + Montgomery
A beautiful bundle of wild foliage inspired by the seaside.

Signature Maude + Montgomery Wooden Box
A sturdy box handmade in Canada of eco-friendly, IPPC certified pine. Meant to be reused for years to
come. 13” x 9.5” x 5.5”