Quiet Coast Candle
by Foxhound Collection 

Quiet Coast is a love affair with the ocean, a scent that can travel through your house like a soft wave. An appreciation for coastal living, slow drives following the seaside, a low fog, a cool breeze: burn any time of the year.

Notes: Fresh sea salty air, with lemon, fog, rich sandalwood and oak
Ingredients: Pure soy wax, fine fragrance + essential oil blends, cotton wicking

Maude + Montgomery Gifting Notes: Candles have a magical way of calming the soul and warming a space. As such, we at M+M love to give candles for almost any occasion. Quiet Coast is simple yet elegant, reminiscent of an evening sea. 

  • Hand-poured in Nova Scotia 

  • Burn time 40+ hours

  • 8 oz