The Artists and their stories


Home of the legendary MacAusland Blanket, MacAusland’s Mill was founded on Prince Edward Island in 1870 by Archibald MacAusland, who had to convince the locals that he wasn't crazy for starting a mill to weave blankets.

Five generations later, the mill is run by Archibald’s great-great-great grandson, and still uses old fashioned machinery to produce a top quality product woven with traditional charm. In fact, it’s the only mill in Atlantic Canada producing quality, 100% pure virgin wool blankets.

The making of the MacAusland Blanket is an intricate and skilled craft that begins with only the finest raw virgin wool from throughout the Atlantic region. Because the MacAuslands accept only the best wool, and weave it with the utmost care using traditional methods, their beautiful blankets are much lighter, softer and cuddlier than most wool blankets-- but last a lifetime. Case in point: recently, a customer returned with a woollen blanket purchased before the Second World War to have the edges re-hemmed.




Danny McAskill founded his woodworking company on Prince Edward Island in 1947. That’s Danny pictured at right, polishing a communion table he built for one of the local churches. (McAskill’s fine work can be found in over twenty churches on PEI.)

Seventy years later, McAskill’s Woodworking Ltd. remains a proud family business run by Danny’s son, Joe, who carries their well-deserved reputation for quality craftsmanship into modern times. Beyond the impressive furniture restoration work they do for our local museums and historic properties, McAskill’s also creates beautifully simple, contemporary designs that are ideal for memorable modern gifting. Their beautiful Oyster Board and Shucker is featured in our Oyster Box.




Foxhound Collection is owned, operated and dreamt up by Kelsey Wier in a cute little town by the Bay called Truro, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.

Their line of candles are hand blended & poured in a small shared studio, inspired by peaceful adventures and seasonal wonders. Intentional in design, allowing scent and sense to have focus while complimenting any home or lifestyle. Each scent is unique to Foxhound and created in-house to embody true-to-life experiences.


Holly McGee is a fibre artist from Nova Scotia who has lived in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island since 2002. Her stunning studio work includes the design and creation of woven and felted textiles. Focusing on the use of natural dyes and fibres that originate directly from farming and local woollen mills, she integrates traditional and modern methods to create her stylish works of art.

An explorer at heart, Holly has always immersed herself in volunteer work with creative people, communities and events across Canada. In 2010 she was connected with the Weavers and Spinners Guild of Prince Edward Island, which only strengthened her love of fibres and textiles. Now a graduate of the Textiles and Fine Craft Program at the New Brunswick School of Craft and Design, she has received grants for her work and has contributed to several
exhibitions across the East Coast of Canada.

Holly's beautiful Eye Pillows are featured in our Relaxation Box



Birdmouse? Well, much like birds and mice - they scurry around collecting materials to create art + furniture for your nest. They have a deep respect for nature and its species diversity. By using reclaimed wood, they get to preserve some of that natural forest habitat. They like how their name reflects their love of nature and its inhabitants.

Lenny Gallant has worked with several mediums (pencil, charcoal, acrylics, sculpture, music) and began working with wood in 2010. Lenny approaches each piece he creates much like he would a painting: he selects each piece of wood based on its colour, texture and how these features will influence the overall aesthetic of the finished piece. He must also consider the woods' weight and strength as it contributes to the piece's functionality and quality.

Heather Gallant then takes Lenny’s off cuts to make smaller items like cribbage boards and jewellery so that hardly any of this gorgeous walnut, maple, fir, or cedar gets left behind.


Happy Little Gnome is a small, family-run toy company in Nova Scotia that creates toys that are as simple as a child’s needs. Tamara, aka “Mama Gnome,” started the company to provide an alternative to the many plastic and battery-operated toys on the market, believing that low-tech toys made from natural materials are not only pleasing to the eye, but help encourage imagination and development in ways that flashy, complicated toys don’t. Their heirloom-quality designs are made with high-quality North American hardwoods and finished with jojoba oil to create a buttery-smooth, splinter-free surface that is free of toxins, which means they are safe to chew on. The biodegradable toys are also eco-friendly, and Happy Little Gnome donates a small portion of each sale to local
clean energy initiatives. 

If properly cared for, these gorgeous, gift-worthy toys will last through many kids and can be passed down from sibling to sibling, generation to generation. Their sweet Wooden Rattle is featured in our Baby Box


Charlotte & Castel is a small company based in Ontario that focuses on well-made, handcrafted soaps and interior scents. Founders Melinda and Quintin have worked and lived on the sea for over a decade as yachtsmen, divers, and surfers, and have a deep passion for the ocean and its protection. As such, they craft their lovely products in small batches from the best, most natural ingredients available with careful consideration for the environment.

Unique works of art in their own right, Charlotte & Castel’s beautiful bar soaps are all natural, made with botanical plant extractions and pure essential oils. Naturally moisturizing and antibacterial thanks to their coconut oil base, they contain a high concentration of pure sea salt with trace minerals and nutrients that help to draw toxins from the skin and support better circulation in the body. Each bar is hand cut and cured for at least 6 weeks, resulting in a very long-lasting product that you can be proud to share with those you love.

Charlotte & Castel's beautiful Sea Salt Soap is featured in our Relaxation Box


In 2014, founders Liz and Tammy went looking for a local sea salt to use with the fresh herbs and vegetables they were growing in their backyard in eastern Nova Scotia. When they couldn’t find any, they decided to make their own. They went down to the beach, filled a jug with Atlantic sea water, and began experimenting.

First, they tried boiling the sea water. They were able to produce the salt they were looking for, but found that it took quite a lot of energy to boil the ocean. So they decided to try something else: they left some water out in the sun to dry, and when they returned, they were amazed. Like magic, beautiful salt crystals had formed at the bottom of the now dry pan. It was their “ah-ha” moment. They knew they had something special on their hands. Today, Maritime Salt Makers uses salt houses to create their unique finishing and cooking salts. Made from nothing more than the sun’s heat and the cold Atlantic waters of Nova Scotia’s eastern shore, these gorgeous salts are a gift from nature. Featured in our Oyster Box




Celebrating the extraordinary wild berries of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Dark Tickle Company creates delicious jams, sauces, tea and more in their small factory located on the Great Northern Peninsula. Their mouth-watering creations are crafted from local wild berries which are picked by hand and carefully processed without additives or preservatives, resulting in a quality product that is both distinctive and delicious.

Dark Tickle hires a relatively small network of approximately 100 individual pickers to cover a large area, including the top half of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, the coastal regions of southern Labrador, and northeastern Quebec. Berry picking is a strong tradition in this region, and Dark Tickle is proud to support it. Just as unusual as many of the local berries, the company’s name always draws curiosity. A “tickle” is a narrow salt water channel, and the company’s original location was on the banks of such a channel. Surrounded by high hills, the channel where it was located was relatively dark. Hence, Dark Tickle.

Their lovely Wild Blueberry Spread is featured in our Pantry Box. 


From her early beginnings, Holly always had a love of flowers. She would spend summers playing in the back fields of her home where the wildflowers grew plentiful. She would carefully select the finest blooms, shape them into a bouquet, and proudly offer them to the nearest bystander. The simple act of making a bouquet and giving it as a gift brought her so much pleasure. And it still does.

Today, Holly has turned her passion into a business. Wild Posy Co. is a nostalgic nod to the hand-picked bouquets of her youth, melded with a touch of modernity. Her bouquets are purposefully crafted to give the recipient a sense of nostalgia for the wild. Wild Posy Co. uses ancient farming practices and natural remedies for pest control, and you won't find any plastic wrapping or ribbons on any of their bouquets. Holly believes that the flowers should speak for themselves, and she always aims to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Wild Posy Co.'s stunning dried sea bouquets are featured in all of our signature Artisanal Gift Boxes.



Angela Doak is a collage artist and photographer. All of her work is done first as a collage, made up of fabric, candy and gum wrappers, misprints, junk mail, and just about anything else that fits the image she's making at the time. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband and two children.